The Calling: Episode 4

• October 26th, 2018

How the energy work begins to align with a dreaming practice, and dream gate one- bringing conscious awareness into the dream and acquiring the dream body.

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The Calling: Episode 3

• October 16th, 2018

Some valuable printed resources. These are not exclusive to other resources, but are ways to cover essentials of vitality- a pre-requisite to expansion of conscious awareness. Essentials include energy cultivation, flexible mental attitude, flexible and healthy body, and understandings of metaphysics and other systems of reality as focuses of consciousness.

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The Calling: Episode 2

• October 10th, 2018

Engaging with the art of dreaming. Here the basics and beginning practical components of dreamwork are outlined.

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The Calling: Episode 1

• October 3rd, 2018

Ideas on the expansion and development of consciousness and awareness, which can lay a foundation to the discovery of latent psychic expansion and ability. The nature of reality and why it is considered illusory.

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